Probability Theory

Casino Probability Theory

As a rule, gambling in casinos is one way or another based on all known mathematical models. As a consequence, many experienced players use in their practice these mathematical rules and laws.

In the main, it is certainly a popular probability theory. According to this theory and cards from the deck and the ball on the roulette playing field to a certain extent subject to the laws of probability. And it does not matter where the game takes place – in real or online casinos. Of course, if you start the game in a suspicious casino, then surely no probability theory will not help you.

It is worth playing in reliable casinos, thank God there are enough of them – the same Grand, Casino Crystal, Pharaoh or Va-Bank.

But back to probability theory. From here we derive a simple condition, if you started the game, for example, on roulette, whose playing field has one division of zero (the so-called European version), you as a player will have only 37 possible outcomes of the game – this is in accordance with the classical theory of probability.

According to this classic theory of probability, each of the game’s scores will have absolutely equal chances of falling out – i.e. 1/37 or about 2.7%. However, during the real game, there will be some serious deviations for this mathematical assumption – scientifically called the Dispersion. The player should apply these very deviations in the game. It is the Dispersion gives a fertile ground for players who with foam at the mouth to prove that the casino first gives a little increase, and then clean up to a penny.

To conduct such an efficient and competent calculation will certainly need accurate statistics. And all this will have to be applied right during the game, when any, even very experienced player literally cover the feelings, adrenaline, experiences and expectations. No wonder there is a well-known phrase among players that the casino – a place where the torment is exchanged for money.

And yet remains the main and unchanged rule that should be followed regardless of the situation and location to you fortune –

play for your own pleasure, get joy and drive from the very process of the game. Then you are already from the very participation will benefit. Take breaks in the game, relax, avoid the appearance of an empty and boring feeling of profit, the desire to make money in the game. This dulls, chills and prevents you from growing as a player. And as a result, these players do not get any money or pleasure from the game.